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Our philosophy

We believe that children deserve a happy, warm and caring environment where they are provided with opportunities to learn as they discover, create, improvise and imagine.

We also believe that children have all the right to be treated with respects and dignity and should be accepted for their individual uniqueness.

Our learning curriculum is play based, open ended and provide a supportive environment where children can ask questions, solve problems and engage in critical thinking. Intentional teaching is deliberate, purposeful and thoughtful and learning environments are welcoming where children are able to reflect and enrich their lives and identities.

Our Philosophy
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Childcare in Kew & Kew East

Have you been searching for an honest, reliable, and fully-qualified childcare service that puts the development and care of your child before all else? Thanks to our years of experience, passion, and use of innovative techniques, the team at MyKidz Early Learning are here for you. Through our attentive and personalised early learning solutions and personalised attitude, parents and guardians searching for childcare in Kew and Kew East can trust us to put the safety and education of their children first.

No matter the level of attention your child desires our team is here to help. Small rooms of up to 16 children allow our local daycare centres to provide the support your child needs without hindering their need for peer interaction. The mix of ages in toddler/baby day care further allows for this vital social development.

At MyKidz Early Learning we aim to provide a style of learning that has a strong emphasis on activity and play to encourage active development. For more information about how we stand out from other childcare centres in Kew and Kew East call us today on 9857 8204.

Kew Kindergarten

If you have been searching for an affordable Kew kindergarten that teaches using the Montessori philosophy, then we encourage you to have a look at our Doncaster and East Doncaster early learning centres. MyKidz Early Learning is a privately owned and operated centre offering a small classroom environment in our funded kinder programme. We also offer daycare Kew East parents and guardians can rely on for their kindergarteners when full-day care is required in addition to the half-day kindergarten programme.

Our Montessori-based programme encourages children to draw motivation from their own, inherent desire to learn and develop, making them active participants who will maintain an attachment to lifelong learning and knowledge. This holistic approach to education provides an excellent basis for either Montessori or traditional primary education following their kindergarten education.

Provide your child with the very best start on their lifelong learning journey at a Kew kindergarten ‘near me’ that offers caring, individualised attention.

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