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Our philosophy

We believe that children deserve a happy, warm and caring environment where they are provided with opportunities to learn as they discover, create, improvise and imagine.

We also believe that children have all the right to be treated with respects and dignity and should be accepted for their individual uniqueness.

Our learning curriculum is play based, open ended and provide a supportive environment where children can ask questions, solve problems and engage in critical thinking. Intentional teaching is deliberate, purposeful and thoughtful and learning environments are welcoming where children are able to reflect and enrich their lives and identities.

Our Philosophy
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Childcare in Blackburn

At MyKidz Early Learning our highly-trained, professional, and passionate childcare experts understand the importance of exposing your children to a challenging and beneficial environment from an early age. Utilising the innovative Montessori philosophy when approaching early development, we believe that stimulating a young mind through activities and play encourages a favourable view of education. Thanks to this approach, MyKidz Early Learning stands out as one of the best childcare providers in the Blackburn area.

Our local daycare centres offer affordable care for your little ones, and our family day care offers school pick up and drop off, as well as homework assistance and fun after school activities for children up to twelve years old.

Whether you are in need of superior early learning solutions, baby day care, or personalised nanny services, our professional and caring team is able to help. To find out why we are one of the most renowned childcare centres in and around Blackburn feel free to call us on 9841 7974 today!

Blackburn Kindergarten

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and here at MyKidz Early Learning we provide the support that parents and guardians of young children need, while also creating a stimulating learning environment that will equip children with the skills needed for their further education. The Montessori philosophy fosters and encourages a child’s natural inclination to learn and engage in creative work, helping to set kindergarteners on the path of confident lifelong learning and inquisitiveness.

Whether you wish your child to continue in the Montessori system, or are simply curious about the advantage this style of education can have for your child’s early development, then please feel free to call us and talk to a member of our friendly and expert team.

If you are searching for a Blackburn kindergarten ‘near me’ offering a funded programme and personalised care, then talk to the team at our Doncaster or East Doncaster centres today.

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