Montessori Childcare in Melbourne

At MyKidz Early Learning, our goal is to provide a delightful environment to nurture young minds. We believe that every child is unique and our Montessori Kindergarten has carefully designed spaces to give children the freedom to explore and discover. At our centre, we encourage the natural curiosity of the child and offer fun-filled experiences for overall development. If you have been looking for a Montessori or Kindergarten in Melbourne, we assure you of offering unmatched childcare solutions to enable children to realise their true potential.

Enabling Children Discover Their Strengths

Our goal is to offer a safe and vibrant environment to encourage creativity and help children reach the highest level of confidence. We believe that every child is different and our learning system is designed to shape young minds based on their interest area and learning capabilities.

Montessori Kindergarten Melbourne
Montessori Childcare Melbourne

We take pride in offering excellent care and learning solutions to ensure that children are able to discover their strengths. We focus on the needs of every child and make use of innovative learning methods to spark interest. By emphasising on overall development and happiness, we have succeeded in creating a stimulating environment with varied experiences and amazing opportunities.

Montessori Kindergarten

Montessori Education in MyKidz ELC funded kindergarten 3-5

Montessori’s primary philosophy is “Help me to do it myself”. Taking on the philosophy, educators at MyKidz ELC have the role as the guidance to provide each child the right environment and the freedom to be independent in exploring, experimenting and experiencing everything or anything that they are curious and interested in their early years of lives.

Prepared Environment

At MyKidz ELC, a fully Montessori equipped environment has been prepared for our funded kindergarten Montessori program, where children who are enrolled in our learning program will have the opportunity to explore through the range of Montessori learning materials that are each purposefully designed for children’s developmental needs. All furniture are in child-size with all materials arranging in ana organized manner, which to bring out the opportunity for children to learn and develop independence through order and freedom.

At our centre, we give each child the tools to learn and grow. We try to instil a love for lifelong learning to prepare children for the future. We focus on every aspect of child development and with our holistic approach, we can help children accomplish their learning objectives. Our centres are located in East Doncaster and Doncaster and we are here to offer unrivalled early learning experiences.

We understand that as a parent it is important for you to be sure that your child is safe and happy. We are committed to supporting each child in the best possible way in our Montessori and Kindergarten and you can trust us for quality care and learning.

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Montessori Childcare Melbourne