Long Day Care Centre

Long Day Care Centre

Enrol your child in the best long day care centre

MyKidz Early Learning is one of the most trusted and reliable long day care centres in Melbourne. With a team of dedicated educators, we strive to create a safe, inspiring and encouraging learning environment for children. Our learning programs are all about learning filled with fun and engaging activities that best support the developmental needs of children. 

We offer a nurturing and caring environment to children. Every learning activity is designed with a focus on developing and enhancing the social skills and cognitive skills of young children.

We welcome you to visit our long day care centre and see for yourself how MyKidz Early Learning has helped parents and children by aiding in their learning process over the years. If you are looking for a trustworthy long day care centre for your kid, we can help. We offer tailored options according to your child’s unique learning capabilities. 


Looking for a long day care kindergarten?

MyKidz Early Learning is all about offering different types of curricular activities to help children nurture and develop their skills. We are a leading long day care kindergarten, where our professionals assist children in reaching their full potential. We follow a personalised approach to preparing children for the future. From encouraging collaboration to nurturing their social development skills, we have you covered.

Why Choose Us:

We have access to some of the best learning tools your children need to take the next big step. We also offer customised children learning programs so that your children can become more independent and explore a variety of learning opportunities.

What do we offer?

  • Quality childcare services
  • Interactive and stimulating environment
  • Customised learning activities
  • Well-equipped learning space

To enrol your children in our long day care kindergarten, contact us today.



Long day-care is also referred to as a childcare centre. Babies and children are offered care by professional staff when parents go to work or have other commitments.

At our long day-care, we believe in creating a caring and nurturing environment for your child. We have age-appropriate activities, toys and programs to keep children engaged. There is a flexible schedule that allows children to eat, rest and play.