Advantages of Long Day Care Kindergarten

Are you planning to send your child to long daycare kindergarten and feeling anxious?


The decision to leave your child under a new caregiver is indeed a difficult one. Although you may feel excited about this new beginning, you may also experience guilt. Such emotions are normal and you may want to learn more about the benefits and positive impact that they may have on your child’s overall development. There are numerous advantages of the long daycare centre and this has been researched upon by experts. Not only does it offer parents the space and time to work but also equips the child with key skills. Listed below are some of the advantages of long daycare.


Quality Education

Long day care centres have a designed learning system that encourages the child to explore and learn. Run by qualified and passionate teachers, children receive the care and support they need while acquiring new skills in the process. Children interact and learn from each other and this helps to build self-confidence and presentation skills.



Nutritionally balanced meals are important for a child’s overall development. At long daycare centres, healthy meals and snacks prepared by in-house chefs are offered to the children. This helps in developing healthy eating habits and ensures that children stay healthy and happy.


Social Interaction

Long daycare centres offer an amazing opportunity for the child to develop their social skills. They learn to build relationships and this has a positive long-term implication. This enhances emotional intelligence and children learn the feelings of empathy and compassion. They are offered countless opportunities to communicate and connect. This ensures that children are able to effectively communicate while feeling safe and comfortable.



In long daycare centres, there is the flexibility to choose a time that best works for you and your family. Attending the daycare every day is not compulsory and families can choose a schedule that suits their child’s needs.


Options for Siblings

In long daycare centres, there is the option to send siblings to the same centre. This makes the centre reassuring for children as they have siblings around them. This also offers the advantage of one-drop and pick-up.

Several other benefits of long daycare are:

  • They are run by qualified kindergarten teachers.
  • A play-based learning system is followed.
  • Flexibility in terms of drop and pick-up times.
  • Smaller groups with more teachers.
  • Healthy meals are provided.
  • A wide range of activities offered.

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